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OCI, returning into. [message #320191] Wed, 14 May 2008 04:54
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I tried to do a bulk insert statement returning the Ids :

"insert into Toto (Toto_id, Toto_value) values (seq_toto.nextval, :value) RETURNING Toto_id into :id;"

In debug mode, I can retrieve the inserted ids using a OCIBindByName with OCI_DEFAULT parameter :

I insert 100 row, and I retrieve in my :id variable the 100 ids.

But in release mode, the buffer (:id) returned is corrupted.

I readed on the documentation that in fact, using "returning into" require to use OCIBindByName whith OCI_DATA_AT_EXEC parameter and OCIBindDynamic calls.

The question is : why in debug mode all is working well, and why have I to use dynamic bind when I know the buffer size needed (100 * sizeof(ID)) ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

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