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Pro C Data Type ISSUE !!!!!!! [message #193987] Wed, 20 September 2006 05:32
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When using the Dynamic SQL Method 4:

From database Side , REQUIRED Column ABC is defined as NUMEBR(38).

It stores value: 3003486271 (which is greater than C INT_MAX limit)

When the value was read in host variable of type INT, it created an issue. (Overflow error)

Can it be read into a Double host variable , will putting in NUMBER(38) in double create any issue.

Coz: When in C program, if one puts:

double j;
j = 3003486271;
printf(this number) -> will created a problem coz Interger to double conversion will overflow

but if we do:

j = 3003486271.0;
printf(this number) -> it works fine as it knows the number is double (explicitly done)

Any theory on how dynamic method 4 works and how NUMBER Internal datatype moves to various C data types .... Any help on problem above would be useful , Thanks in anticipation

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