Oracle enterprise software license agreements


This is a short article about different enterprise license agreements that are available from Oracle.

Oracle Pool of Funds

- One time license fee - paid upfront.
- Oracle provides you with a highly discounted price list of selected products.
- You recieve flexibility that during the time period (1-3 years) choose
which Oracle products you wish to purchase.
- When the pool of funds have been burned down, the agreement ends.
There are some reporting requirements you need to be aware of.

Capped ULA

- This is often referred to as an Oracle ELA, but its Oracle ULA agreement template.
- One upfront payment of license fees.
- You negotiate which products are part of the agreement.
- There is a max deployment number allowed per product.
- In the end you undergo an Oracle ULA Certification, which can be challenging.

Oracle ULA

- Most common enterprise agreement from Oracle been around for 20 years.
- Unlimited deployment of selected products from Oracle.
- For companies that see huge growth in Oracle, this can arguably be the best
enterprise software license agreement out there.
- However to succeed you need to read up on what the agreement is and the pitfalls pitfalls.

Oracle PULA

- Released in 2016 its a variant of Oracle ULA
- The main difference is that it does never expire.
- It cost more than a normal ULA for obvious reasons
- I prefer the normal Oracle ULA in most cases, but there are scenarios
when Oracle PULA makes sense.

An overall recommendation is that you carefully study the licensing rights
around what you can deploy in public cloud. Oracle have different contract terms
and you want to make sure that it fits your organization strategy now and in the futre.